Corrine Rondeau

Put basics first: literacy and numeracy; knowledge and skills

Set practical priorities for financial decisions

Empower parents to find solutions for their children and their choices

Why I'm running to be a Trustee

My kids have been fortunate to go to some great schools in Edmonton with some great teachers. Even so, getting their basic education needs met was a struggle.

This struggle is real for many parents. Even teachers have kids who struggle with basic skills!

I aim to make that struggle a little easier.

I'm running for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee because I want to use my education, experience, and wisdom to make parents and caregivers welcome partners in the education of their children.

My core values for education:

Parents' responsibility and freedom to choose options that work

Educators' responsibility to help children learn essential skills

School Boards' fair and effective use of taxpayers' resources

Our education system's respect for the human dignity of every student








Lifelong research and relationship building

My education as a parent began with researching how my children learned, what worked best for each of them and what support there was from schools, Alberta Health and outside the system. By getting to know other parents and having a positive relationship with school administrators, I was able to find better ways to help my kids with their learning and developmental needs.

In 2020, my kids' participation in online schooling highlighted deficits in their core skills. Once I became the home educator for one of them, I became very familiar with the current curriculum, its learning outcomes and different ways to achieve those outcomes.

Learning by volunteering

Volunteering on many field trips and in class gave me a real sense of the dynamics in school and the challenges teachers face. It was also a great opportunity to hear first-hand the joys and pains teachers had.

When I helped organize a festive potluck at school for 500 students, I learned a lot about the logistics of respecting diverse dietary requirements and the complexity of scheduling arrivals and departures.


Building skills and practical connections:

I saw a need to improve dynamics at recess, so I joined the school playground committee and participated in the multi-year project of consultation, fundraising, design and construction of a $500,000 school playground. Parent council meetings were a great opportunity to hear directly from the principal and teachers and learn what was happening at the school board level. It was also a great way to get connected with other involved parents. Part of participating in parent council was voting to approve annual budgets as well as funding requests.

Parent council sponsored my attendance at the Inspiring Education Symposium in Calgary (2014) as well as many educational conferences.


Boards and budgets:

My responsibilities included:

| reviewing & approving budgets |

| ensuring grant funding was spent according to regulations |

| consulting the community and setting priorities |

| engaging contractors |

Community and relationships

Being on the board created opportunities for engaging with municipal representatives and my community, including:

| listening to what's going on in people's lives |

| learning what we have in common |

| realizing what we need to learn from each other |



Education and employment

Bachelor of Arts, University of Alberta: Focus on history, education and French language.

Various jobs in the service industry dealing with the public, interacting with customers and co-workers from all backgrounds. Environments where listening and communication are key and attention to detail matters.

Review | Repair | Realign

As a Trustee, I will start by reviewing the actual state of our system from a trustee's perspective. My goal is to prioritize what is essential and possible to repair and then realign the board's priorities so the building blocks for accessing advanced learning and work opportunities are solidly in place.

EPSB needs to understand and discuss ways to improve how it organizes programming and funding to support basic learning needs.

This starts by asking useful questions about the million dollar issues we face. For example, the priority for many parents is that EPSB improve their ability to provide effective support for a larger number of struggling students.


This challenge needs thoughtful questions for the answers to lead us to effective solutions


What is essential to creating an effective partnership between children, their learning needs and the education system?

How can we discover a wider range of options for support outside of EPSB's current offerings?

How do we do all that without:

- selling out to corporations.

- replacing in-person learning with computer screens.

- providing options that are good on paper but don't deliver as promised.

- using charitable volunteer groups whose true goal is not learning remediation but bringing special interest agendas into our schools?





To find thoughtful answers to these questions I will:

Listen to...

Parents and community members-who offer diverse perspectives

Teachers and students-who experience the effects of EPSB decisions every day

School board administrative staff-who have broad experience and professional knowledge

Learn from ...

EPSB priorities and lessons learned in 2020 and 2021

Successes and failures in other school boards across Alberta and Canada

The whole community, including seniors, single-parent families, adults who don't have kids, kids who are struggling to stay in school, future employers and others who can help solve problems

Build on ...

Successful programs already in place

Hybrid approaches for educating the next generation of students and teachers

Successful funding models such as partnerships and shared resources

Meaningful ways to measure success of students, teachers, schools, and EPSB

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